Infomap NLP Software Tutorial

This tutorial is not yet complete, and some parts of it are inaccurate. Until an updated tutorial is provided, please use the User Manual instead.

This tutorial consists of a series of worked examples using the freely available Project Gutenberg version of the King James Bible as an example corpus. Following these examples is an easy and straightforward way to get a working understanding of the Infomap NLP Software.

The tutorials are arranged in order of increasing complexity of input format. We recommend following them in sequence to gain a solid understanding of the input expected by the Infomap software and how it is processed.

Background for Examples

Please read this simple introduction that explains the basic terminology used in the examples.

Tutorial Examples

  1. Building a model from a single-document (single-file) corpus
  2. Building a model from a single-file, multiple-document corpus
  3. Building a model from a multiple-file (multiple-document) corpus